About us

Hi! My name is Emma and I run PinkiePets. After being employed as a dog walker for four years, in Summer 2019 I felt the time was right to go solo. Everyone recognises me for my pink hair, so PinkiePets seemed like the perfect name!

I simply adore animals of all kinds. As a pet owner you’ll know how much joy and comfort animals bring, and I feel privileged to be able to care for the beloved companions of others.

I have two pets of my own, a big, ginger cat called Frank, and a very cheeky Sun Conure called Penny. Frank knows his place in the pecking order – Penny is in charge!

I have an eight year old daughter who loves animals and often comes along during school holidays to “help” me i.e. throwing tennis balls and giving fuss to the animals!

I’ve been with my wife, Nicola, for 15 years, and without her this website would be a mess!